Towards 2030, more than 80% of new power production capacity built in Europe is expected to be green, and will double the share of green power production in Europe to almost 40 % by 2030. Renewable energy is expected to provide as much as 80 % of US electricity by 2050. In Asia, Africa, South America and Middle East, the share of green power production is growing rapidly and is expected to almost triple towards 2030.

NRGY seek opportunities globally where there is a strong rationale for renewable energy projects and where integrated business models may create a competitive advantage. NRGY seek to build a pipeline of profitable renewable energy projects through systematic global market assessment and screening of energy projects and JV opportunities.

NRGY search to develop, build, operate and own renewable energy plants that generate cost-effective, clean and reliable energy. We search competitive renewable energy projects in the following areas

The activities may be separated into the following areas:

  • Searching and screening for relevant energy projects
  • Building a pipeline of profitable energy projects
  • Project development for renewables – solar, wind, hydro, grid & infrastructure
  • Global market assessment of energy projects and JV opportunities
  • Energy innovation projects in power grid & infrastructure, energy storage, new transportation solutions, hydrogen projects and carbon capture and storage.
  • Feasibility and socio-economic studies for renewables
  • Valuation, due diligence and risk assessment
  • Financing of energy projects
  • Active commercial and technical management

NRGY is continuously interested in receiving information about potential renewable energy projects. For further information, please contact: