NRGY is an integrated independent renewable energy company, with the ambition of acquiring and operating renewable energy projects and assets. A long-term player, NRGY searches, develops, builds, owns, operates and maintains renewable energy plants that generate cost-effective, clean and reliable energy.

NRGY operates as an integrated independent renewable energy company and a future provider of delivering affordable, rapidly deployable and sustainable source of clean energy worldwide.

We search delivering competitive renewable energy in the following areas

NRGY mission is to offer a compelling value proposition through an attractive renewable asset base in solar, wind, hydro and grid & infrastructure projects with focus on value creation and a future platform for growth.

NRGY seek opportunities globally where there is a strong rationale for renewable energy projects and where integrated business models may create a competitive advantage.

Our vision is to deliver competitive and sustainable renewable energy globally, to protect our environment and to improve quality of life through innovative integration of reliable technology.